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Recent News

The Power of Sleep

At Safewell were always conscious of ways to improve our well being and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through exercise, a healthy balanced diet and keeping stress to a minimum.

Pneumonia from welding and Metal fumes

As a continuation of the Safewell article Are welding fumes cancerous. Click the link to read the article. The HSE have issued further guidelines on Pneumonia vaccinations to help prevent and control exposure to welding fumes and related respiratory conditions.

How Important is RPE and Dust Extraction?

The most common problem associated with dust in the workplace arises from dust-related illnesses which have been found to be one of the major killers in the UK when it comes to occupational health.

The Power of Sleep

Sleep makes the world of difference for so many things, from heart health to healing.

Cycle to Work Day

Cycle to work and feel the benefits, more energy, more clarity.

No Safety Critical Medical, No Entry to Construction Site Allowed.

A self-employed construction worker wasn’t allowed access to a construction site without a safety critical medical certification being completed.

Manual handling solutions for a National Luxury Furniture Retail Company

A Furniture Retail Company requested Safewell to carry out Showroom risk assessments. Safewell identified potentially high manual handling risks for staff making and receiving deliveries and organising shop displays

What are Hazards in the workplace?

Hazards are things that have the potential to cause injury or harm to people, or damage to the work place.

What is a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is a logical approach to deciding the likelihood of what hazards in the work place could lead to injury or ill health through normal and foreseeable work practices.

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