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Occupational Health Awareness Training

Occupational Health

Occupational Health Awareness Training

Just like Health and Safety Training there is a need and importance to educate and train employees on occupational health. The participant numbers, certificates and handouts follow the same standards as our Health and Safety Training. The main types of occupational health training that might be relevant to your company are:

General Occupational Health Awareness

  • A toolbox overview for staff on why occupational health is provided to them, what is involved and how it benefits their health
  • This is ideal to refresh or where a new health surveillance program is being introduced
  • It can be tailored around the specific program in a company so it is relevant to the participants
  • The course is typically 2 hours

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

  • Ideal where a new drug and alcohol program of testing or procedure is being introduced
  • Used as a refresher on the importance of why drug and alcohol use can be detrimental and unsafe for employees at work
  • The training can be split for Employees and Managers with each course tailored to outline their duties including their responsibilities and the dangers of substance abuse at work
  • The Managers’ course also includes the substance abuse signs to look for at work and how to deal with them
  • Each course is typically 1-2 hours

Nickel and Isocyanate Awareness Training

  • Ideal for employees who work with compounds or substances that contain Nickel and Isocyanates
  • The course covers the main handling hazards, health effects, safe handling measures and the health surveillance used to monitor a person’s health at work
  • Each course is typically 2 hours

Stress and Wellbeing Training and Awareness

  • See Wellbeing and Stress Training Tab

Call or contact us to find out more and book your course.

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Georgina Williams
April 21, 2022

John Williams Heating Services Ltd

We have worked with Safewell for many years and are retained clients, so we have developed an excellent working relationship with the team. However, this really came into its own when Covid 19 appeared.

As a Plumbing and Heating business, we were able to carry on working during the lockdown but only for responding to emergencies. We were obviously very concerned about the health and safety of our employees and before we even had chance to get in touch with Safewell, they had emailed us offering their assistance. It is hard to put down on paper how that made us feel - we like everyone else felt totally at sea, which way to turn, what to do? But Safewell were there guiding, supporting and being totally brilliant. Their attention to detail is very impressive and reassuring and we feel able to ask lots of questions without feeling silly.

During the pandemic Safewell helped us to write risk assessments, safety procedures and protocols. They kept in touch regularly, issuing new guidance as soon as it appeared and checking in with us. They held group Q&A sessions over Zoom which were helpful, and knowing other businesses were facing the same challenges and having the opportunity to discuss issues was invaluable. Their help during the preparation for a full return to work was brilliant, they enabled us to be fully prepared and feel in control, and when we had our first case of Covid within the team, because we had planned our response it felt ok.

I think our team felt very reassured by our robust approach and that our office was Covid secure.
We are extremely grateful to all the team at Safewell

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