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Occupational Health Awareness Training

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Occupational Health Awareness Training

Occupational Health

Occupational Health Awareness Training

Just like Health and Safety Training there is a need and importance to educate and train employess on occupational health. The particpant numbers, certificates and handouts follows the same standards as our Health and Safety Training. The main type of occupational health training they might be relevant to your company are:

General Occupational Health Awareness

  • A toolbox over view for staff on why occupational health is provided to them, what is involved and how it benefits thier health
  • This is ideal to refresh or where a new health surveillance program is being introduced
  • It can be tailored around the specific program in a comapny so it is relevant to the participants
  • The course is typically 2 hours

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

  • Ideal where a new drug an alcohol program of testing or procedure is being introduced
  • Used as a refresher on the imporance of why drug and alcohol use can be detremental and unsafe for employees at work
  • The training can be split for Employees  and Managers with ech course tailored tailored to outline their including their responsibilities and the dangers of substance abuse at work
  • The Managers course also include the substance abuse sings to look for at work and how to deal with them
  • Each course is typically 1-2 hours

Nickel and Isocyante Awarenss Training

  • Ideal for employees who work with compounds or substances that contain Nickel and Isocyanates
  • The course covers the main handling hazards, health effects, safe handling measures and the health surveillance used to monitor a persons health at work
  • Each course is typically 2 hours

Stress and Wellbing Training and Awareness

  • See Wellbing and Stress Training Tab

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How Important is RPE and Dust Extraction?

The most common problem associated with dust in the workplace arises from dust-related illnesses which have been found to be one of the major killers in the UK when it comes to occupational health.

What is H.A.V.S?

H.A.V.S – Hand arm vibration syndrome, know the facts.

No Safety Critical Medical, No Entry to Construction Site Allowed.

A self-employed construction worker wasn’t allowed access to a construction site without a safety critical medical certification being completed.

What are Hazards in the workplace?

Hazards are things that have the potential to cause injury or harm to people, or damage to the work place.

What is a Construction Medical?

The ever changing world of Health & Safety, from Safety critical to construction Medical.

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