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Blood and Urinalysis Testing

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Blood and Urinalysis Testing

Occupational Health

Blood and Urinalysis Testing

Blood and Urinalysis Testing

Exposure to certain workplace hazards and chemicals can only be detected through urinalysis (urine testing) and blood screening. Typical workplace hazards include (plus a common use):

  • Drugs and Alcohol (see separate tab)
  • Isocyanates (in paints and adhesives)
  • Lead (metal plating and etching)
  • Nickel (metal plating and etching)
  • MbOCA (used in moulded polyurethane articles)

Completing urinalysis and blood screening for traces of hazardous substances enables you to determine if your risk control measures are adequate or if employees are being exposed and it might be affecting their health. This health surveillance also assists you with compliance to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH).

Completing Urinalysis and blood screening can be a stand alone tests for your employees or (more commonly) these can be part of a health surveillance program. Urinalysis involves providing a sample and blood screening requires one of our trained Occupational Health Team taking a blood sample and submitting it for laboratory analysis.

Where can Urinalysis and Blood Screening be Carried Out

As with most of our services, these can be at your workplace or our offices in Wootton Bassett. If it’s only a handful of people or individuals then our office works well otherwise it makes sense to arrange at your workplace.

Does the Face Fit?

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Health Surveillance Audiometry Testing for a Joinery Company based in Wiltshire

This joinery company contacted Safewell after a visit from the HSE. They were falling short on health surveillance for their employees, in particular in relation to noise exposure at work over the 2nd Action level of 85dBA. Here’s how we helped with their audiometry health surveillance hearing tests.

MPA South West Region Health & Safety Awareness Day

The Health & Safety Awareness Day is designed to promote best practice and encourage the whole workforce to be the eyes and ears of fellow workers.

Onsite Face fit Testing by Safewell in North Wiltshire

Employees turning up to the face fit test without shaving were resulting in delays for this company and incurred costs, as well as occupational health concerns further down the line for their employees. Here’s the Safewell solution.

Occupational health Surveillance for Recycling Company

Due to differing Health and Safety regulations overseas employees may have been exposed to different levels of toxicity which may have created exposure above current UK COSHH exposure limits.

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