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Other Occupational Health Services

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There are many services we provide as complete provider of occupational health. If its not a type of health surveillance or occupational health assessment and we provide it, its probably outlined in the table below!

Occupational Health Contracts

We pride ourselves in offering our service as if we were your in-house occupational health team. We are a nurse lead service, with access to Occupational Physicians if/when required. Our two directors Nick and Gail previously ran an integrated Occupational Health and ‘Health and Safety’ department in a large manufacturing company, so know how Occupational Health, Health and Safety and Occupational Hygiene should work together.

Our mission is to help your company achieve maximum staff productivity and minimises your costs by assisting you in maintaining your employee’s health and well-being. We will help you to facilitate a quick and safe return to work of any employees who have been absence through sickness absence by planning a rehabilitation programme that is suitable for you and the employee. We will help you identify, reduce and prevent work related causes of ill-health to make your working environment a safe place to work.

We are different because we have a realistic and jargon free approach to our occupational health service and we are here to support and help you.

Some of the Benefits of Working with Safewell’s OH Team

  • Telephone and email advice between appointments. if you have an OH related issue between onsite days, call the office; a few moments on the phone could save you time or prevent unnecessary operational delays in your business
  • We provide OH metrics (KPI’s) on type of management referrals and Heath Surveillance medicals and outcomes on a monthly or quarterly basis so you can review them at your site H&S meetings. This will provides you with health related trend analysis in addition to any H&S metrics you have in place.
  • RIDDOR advice. We like to work closely with your H&S team. If you have a reportable accident, let us know so we can help avoid unnecessary reporting to the HSE with targeted health, return to work, rehabilitation or counselling advice
  • Advice and guidance on OH policy writing and implementing
  • Flexible clinic days; If during a planned clinic day you would like another of our OH services beyond what has been planned i.e. a work station assessment, equality assessment, a management referral, or want to switch it for OH training we’ll do that
  • A dedicated OH team, Office Manager and OH administer for all OH contracts
  • Sensible, risk based OH advice that is integrated with the Safewell H&S Team
  • Best of all, there is no additional cost; this is all part of our contract day rates!

Occupational Health Contracts can be on a retained or Adhoc basis. You pay for only what you need. Call or use the contact form on the right or below to find out more and arrange a meeting.

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Wellbeing and Stress Risk Assessment

“The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.”

There is a difference between pressure and stress. Pressure can be a good thing that motivates people and is a key part of a persons job. However, if pressure becomes excessive then a person will begin to develop signs of stress. Stress is a natural reaction to too much pressure.

We are all different and different tolerances and thresholds to the amount of pressure we can cope with and how we respond when we get stressed. What is important is recognising that when a person becomes stressed they are reaching or have over reached their ability to cope with the demands placed on them. Whatever level in a company the inability to cope can result in mental and ill health issues. Stress can also result from having too few demands, as people will become bored, feel undervalued and lack recognition. If they feel they have little or no say over the work they do or how they do it, this may cause them stress.

As a company you have a duty under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations to assess the risks associated with work demands and pressure in you organisation and have arrangements and strategies in place to safeguards your employees health.

How can Safewell Help Manage Workplace Wellbeing / Stress

There are a number of options, which might be relevant depending on the size and complexity of the company, but these could include:

  • A stress / wellbeing risk assessment of the workplace
  • A wellbeing survey of staff
  • Stress & wellbeing awareness and coping training for staff
  • Stress management for supervisors and managers

If this is relevant to your workplace and you thing you might have a duty to manage the wellbeing of your staff, give the office a call or use the contact form on the right or below to finnd out more or set up a meeting with one of the team.

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Occupational Health Awareness Training

Just like Health and Safety Training there is a need and importance to educate and train employess on occupational health. The particpant numbers, certificates and handouts follows the same standards as our Health and Safety Training. The main type of occupational health training they might be relevant to your company are:

General Occupational Health Awareness

  • A toolbox over view for staff on why occupational health is provided to them, what is involved and how it benefits thier health
  • This is ideal to refresh or where a new health surveillance program is being introduced
  • It can be tailored around the specific program in a comapny so it is relevant to the participants
  • The course is typically 2 hours

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

  • Ideal where a new drug an alcohol program of testing or procedure is being introduced
  • Used as a refresher on the imporance of why drug and alcohol use can be detremental and unsafe for employees at work
  • The training can be split for Employees  and Managers with ech course tailored tailored to outline their including their responsibilities and the dangers of substance abuse at work
  • The Managers course also include the substance abuse sings to look for at work and how to deal with them
  • Each course is typically 1-2 hours

Nickel and Isocyante Awarenss Training

  • Ideal for employees who work with compounds or substances that contain Nickel and Isocyanates
  • The course covers the main handling hazards, health effects, safe handling measures and the health surveillance used to monitor a persons health at work
  • Each course is typically 2 hours

Stress and Wellbing Training and Awareness

  • See Wellbing and Stress Training Tab

Call or contact us to find out more and book your course.

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Wellbeing and Stress Training

Our Wellbeing and Stress Management Training course can be tailored to your company’s requirements and can be designed to support your companies Wellbeing/Stress Policy. The training usually includes:

Ideal when a company is about begin a program of wellbing improvements or stress management risk assessment

  • The training can be split for employeesa and Managers
  • Legislation which relates to stress at work
  • The nature and sources of stress
  • How the stress response can lead to ill health, including signs and symptoms
  • Strategies that can be employed to help prevent or reduce the effects of stress
  • Outline how to get help and support both internally and externally
  • The Managers training also covers the company policy and standards and how to recognise signs of stress and what to do
  • Each course is normally 3 hours.

Call or contact us to find out more and book your course.

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Rehabilitations Programs

Rehabilitation programs are designed to ensure a safe plan of returning employees back to their normal role following absence.

There is a legal requirement under the Equality Act to make reasonable adjustments (you do not have to make a role, but must assess all the company) to support an employee with certain medical conditions to return to work in a safe manager. Also under the Health and Safety at Work Act companies have a Duty of Care to ensure employees health is not affected by the work they carry out.

A rehabilitation program usually lasts around 6-8 weeks and can include:

  • Reduce hours building up slowly to normal contractual hours
  • Reduce work activities such as, no working at heights, not lifting, no repetitive tasks
  • Temporary or permanent restrictions
  • Job redeployment advice

Typically a rehabilitation program with start with a management referral. Call or contact us to find out more or to book your management referral to begin rehabilitation for one of your employees.

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Occupational Health Policy and Procedure Writing

If you are introducing occupational health into your business you will want to define your documented standards or standard operating procedures. This can become very relevant, in particular should a claim or employment HR issue arise around wellbing or drug and alcohol testing.

Our trained and knowledgable occupational health not only advise, counsel, carry out health but the can also write the policies and procedures to support your occupational health and safety management systems.

Policies and procedures are bespoke to a companies ill health risks, so just ask if you think one is relevant. However, typical procedures we get asked to write include:

  • Occupational Health Policy
  • Health and Wellbing Policy and Procedure
  • Drug and Alcohol Procedure
  • Equality Management

We often work with a companies HR department and/or their Health and Safety Department when writing occupational health procedure.

Call or contact to find out how we can help with your written arrangements.

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Equality Act Advice

The Equality Act 2010 replaced previous legislation (such as the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) and ensures consistency in what employers and employees need to do to make their workplaces a fair environment and comply with the law.

Safewell’s Occupational Health professionals can help your company comply with the Equality Act by providing you with recommendation, guidance and support on reasonable adjustments for employees who may have a medical condition that would fall under the Act.

Typically this starts with a management referral or occupational health assessment for an employee.

Call or contact to find out more or to arrange a management referral or occupational health assessment.

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Safewell can provide short term counselling in relation to work related health issues for up to 6 sessions or we can assist by referring an employee onto external help/support.

these can include:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an accident
  • Mental health support
  • Drug and Alcohol support

Call or contact to find out more about our counselling services.

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