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Occupational Health during Coronavirus Crisis

During the coronavirus pandemic our occupational health service is still operational. We can carry out Face to Face and paper based occupational health screening and telephone / video call based occupational health assessments. Call or contact us to book your Occupational Health Assessment now and find out which approach best fits your need.

There are many services we provide as a complete provider of occupational health. If it’s not a type of health surveillance or occupational health assessment and we provide it, it’s probably outlined in the table below!

Occupational Health Contracts

We pride ourselves in offering our service as if we were your in-house occupational health team. We are a nurse lead service, with access to Occupational Physicians if/when required. Our two directors Nick and Gail previously ran an integrated Occupational Health and ‘Health and Safety’ department in a large manufacturing company, so know how Occupational Health, Health and Safety and Occupational Hygiene should work together… more about Occupational Health Contracts

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Wellbeing and Stress Risk Assessment

“The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.”

There is a difference between pressure and stress. Pressure can be a good thing that motivates people and is a key part of a persons job. However, if pressure becomes excessive then a person will begin to develop signs of stress. Stress is a natural reaction to too much pressure… more about Wellbeing and Stress Risk Assessment

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Occupational Health Awareness Training

Just like Health and Safety Training there is a need and importance to educate and train employess on occupational health. The particpant numbers, certificates and handouts follows the same standards as our Health and Safety Training… more about Occupational Health Awareness Training

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Wellbeing and Stress Training

Our Wellbeing and Stress Management Training course can be tailored to your company’s requirements and can be designed to support your companies Wellbeing/Stress Policy. The training usually includes: Ideal when a company is about begin a program of wellbing improvements or stress management risk assessment. More about Wellbeing and Stress Training

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Rehabilitations Programs

Rehabilitation programs are designed to ensure a safe plan of returning employees back to their normal role following absence. There is a legal requirement under the Equality Act to make reasonable adjustments (you do not have to make a role, but must assess all the company) to support an employee with certain medical conditions to return to work in a safe manager. Also under the Health and Safety at Work Act companies have a Duty of Care to ensure employees health is not affected by the work they carry out. More about Rehabilitation Programs

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Occupational Health Policy and Procedure Writing

If you are introducing occupational health into your business you will want to define your documented standards or standard operating procedures. This can become very relevant, in particular should a claim or employment HR issue arise around wellbing or drug and alcohol testing. Our trained and knowledgable occupational health not only advise, counsel, carry out health but the can also write the policies and procedures to support your occupational health and safety management systems. More about Occupational Health Policy and Procedure Writing

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Equality Act Advice

The Equality Act 2010 replaced previous legislation (such as the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) and ensures consistency in what employers and employees need to do to make their workplaces a fair environment and comply with the law. More about Equality Act Advice.

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Safewell can provide short term counselling in relation to work related health issues for up to 6 sessions or we can assist by referring an employee onto external help/support. More about Counselling.

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Employee Health Questionnaires

Employment Health Assessments enable you fit the employee to the job requirements. It allows any significant health issues to be identified and minimises any associated risk for both employee and employer. More about Employee Health Questionnaires.

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E – Learning

Safewell now provides E-learning for continued professional development (CPD) to expand your knowledge.

Construction Industry Helpline

Did you know that EVERY single working day in the UK two construction workers take their own life and that stress, anxiety and depression account for a fifth of all work-related illness?

COVID-19 – Advice for Pregnant Employees & Employers

The HSE has recently published advice for pregnant employees and what to do when working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Very Merry Christmas from all of us at Safewell

Well, what a year it’s been! Here at Safewell, we think this Christmas is more important than ever and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe Happy New Year!

Keeping Your Spirits up During Lockdown

As of November 2020, England entered into its 2nd lockdown. The major difference this time is that we don’t have the weather or the lighter evenings on our side.

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