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Lung Function Testing

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Lung Function Testing

Occupational Health

Lung Function Testing

What is Respiratory Screening / Lung Function Testing

Respiratory screening or lung function testing is just that, checking the function of the lungs to make sure nothing at work has reduced their function. It can also be known as spirometry. Under the Control of Substance Hazardous to Health regulations (COSHH), health surveillance is required where employees are at risk of ill health from substances they inhale. Typically this will include your work processes involving the use of respiratory sensitizers or where there is potential for ill-health effects from the dusts, vapours and gases employees may inhale.

This video explains what a lung function is, it gives a demonstration of how one is performed and some of the things that can affect the results of a lung function test.

We can help you to manage this by completing lung function testing for your employees. These can be part of a health surveillance program or a standalone lung function tests. It typically includes a questionnaire and a person breathing into a spirometer.

Following the respiratory health surveillance checks the employee and the employer will be given a Fitness for Work Certificate stating the outcome as fit for work or fit for work with restrictions.

Where can Lung Function Health Surveillance Checks be Carried Out

As with most of our services, these can be at your workplace, worksite or our offices in Wootton Bassett. If it’s only a handful of people or individuals then our office works well otherwise it makes sense to arrange at your workplace or chosen location.

What are Offsite Occupational Health Services?

What are Offsite Occupational Health Services?

What is a Lung Function Test?

Respiratory screening or lung function testing is just that, checking the function of the lungs to make sure nothing at work is reducing the employees function.

Are Welding Fumes Cancerous?

If you do any sort of MIG, TIG, oxy-acetylene or other types of welding then please read this article!

Company looking for Occupational Health Services

A company needed Occupational Health services and after searching the internet found Safewell Ltd. Safewell is one of the top providers for Occupational Health and Health & Safety services in Wiltshire.

Multiple Lung Functions Provided for Swindon Manufacturing Plant

A manufacturing company in Swindon contacted Safewell about occupational health and providing Lung Function screening for their employees who carry out soldering tasks. Safewell were able to provide onsite lung function testing at a time convenient to their workers.

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