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Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Occupational Health

Pregnancy Risk Assessment

If you are notified that an employee is pregnant, breastfeeding or has given birth within the last six months, you should check your workplace risk assessment to see if any new risks have arisen. In many instances a pregnancy risk assessment for the individual will be required. If risks are identified during the pregnancy, in the first six months after birth or while the employee is still breastfeeding, you must take appropriate, sensible action to reduce, remove or control them. Safewell can help you identify any specific risks to the employee and outline actions to help risk and/or eliminate these risks.

Where can should Pregnancy Risk Assessments be Carried Out

Pregnancy risk assessments are best carried out in the employees workplace where the OH professional can establish any workplace risks and hazardous.

What is Health and Safety in ICT?

Health and Safety in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is mostly about understanding how to work safely with computers and environments with lots of technology equipment.

Are Welding Fumes Cancerous?

If you do any sort of MIG, TIG, oxy-acetylene or other types of welding then please read this article!

Managing Driving at Work Risks

More than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time (Department for Transport figures).1 Health and safety law applies to work activities on the road in the same way as it does to all work activities and you need to manage the risks to drivers as part of your health and safety arrangements.

H&S Retained Service for a Printing Company in Chippenham including COSHH Review

Printing Company in Chippenham was wishing to review its management of H&S (Health & Safety) to rationalise the systems and documents in place. This included a review of an up to date assessment of the safe use and storage of COSHH chemicals. Safewell was promptly contacted to help with this process.

Occupational Health Referral for a Gentleman Working in a Manufacturing Company in Wantage who had, had a Knee Replacement Operation

An employee for a manufacturing company required an occupational health assessment after having a failed knee replacement. This required new risk assessments to be done and adjustments to his role.

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