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Health and Safety Competent Person

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Health and Safety Competent Person Service

Health and Safety Competent Person Definition

A person with the right level of skills, knowledge, attitude, training and experience (SKATE) in the field of health and safety. It is also important for a competent person to know and be aware of their limitations. One is not enough, a competent person must have a combination of these attributes and that is what defines competent.

Other terms ‘Health and Safety Competent Person’ can be known as are Retained Health and Safety Adviser, Outsourced Health and Safety and Competent Health and Safety Adviser. They all mean the same thing – a person competent in health and safety. Our Health and Safety Competent Person service (also know as Retained H&S Adviser) will provide advice to your company on an ongoing basis giving you peace of mind that you are compliant with health and safety law and keeping people safe at work. We do this with a risk based package of work that is bespoke to your company health and safety needs.

If this is what you are after, you have come to the right place.

Safewell’s Health and Safety Retained Packages are perfect for you if you need a competent health and safety adviser for an accreditation (CHAS, SMAS, Safe Contractor etc); you need to take your health and safety to the next level; you just don’t have time to do it all yourself now, or you just want to get your health and safety right and compliant in an honest way.

There is a common theme to all our retained customers – we clearly understand the hazards and risks that are relevant to their work activities because this is where accidents and injuries to employees can occur and that is where our advice needs to begin. Find out more below.

A retained health and safety adviser is a person or company that provides ongoing competent person health and safety support to your business over a period of time. Our Retained health and safety services is more than having Safewell named as your health and safety competent person. It is having a person (and back up of a full H&S team) competent in health and safety proactively understanding your business to ensure you have the advice on how to keep your workers safe and remain compliant with health and safety law.

The support always starts with a risk evaluation of your business activities to surface any immediate areas to improve. Thereafter could simply be health and safety advice in person or over the telephone, but may also include other elements of health and safety. These could include risk assessments, health and safety policies and procedures, health and safety training, site visits, coaching, mentoring, safety inspections to name a few.

A good Retained health and safety adviser will always get to know your business and the risks and hazards your employees are exposed too – then provide advice matched to your specific risks and hazards.

It is a legal requirement under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations for an employer to have competent health and safety advice. This advice should always be relevant to the hazards and risks their employees are exposed to during their work activities, whether that is through an employed person or an external health and safety competent person.

Some typical situations where having external Retained health and safety advice is more necessary than others:

  • You are seeking accreditation to one of the contractor schemes such as CHAS, SMAS or Safe Contractor. They specifically ask who provides Competent health and Safety advice
  • Your company has grown to an extent where health and safety is taking up too much time for one of the employees
  • Your health and safety risks and hazards are beyond the skill of the employees ‘doing’ health and safety and you are seeking specialist health and safety help
  • You simply want to be better at health and safety; look after the health and welfare of your employees; be compliant with health and safety law and have someone to advise you on new legislation, and what you need to do to work safely

Here is a summary of our Retained health and safety adviser package:

A competent health and safety person employed by Safewell

 Telephone and email advice

 Regular visits

 Risk assessment review and risk based advice

 RIDDOR help and support (What is RIDDOR)

 Access to template forms (including Risk Assessments and OH&S Policies)

Email newsletter (including news, legislation and OH&S tips)

 20% discount on additional occupational health and safety services from Safewell

If you want to know more details about having Safewell as your competent health and safety consultants or our Retained Health and Safety packages click the button below or complete a contact form (below or on the side bar).

Introduced in 2017

  • We will be offering open training courses at our offices in Royal Wootton Bassett for Retained Customers to attend
  • Places will either be part of a customer’s existing retained health and safety package or there will be a small cost per delegate
  • Each health and safety course will be certificated and typically last half a day

Courses will initially include:

  • Directors health and safety awareness
  • Contractor and Sub Contractor Management
  • General Health and Safety Awareness

As we run the courses and the need arises, we will put other courses on and communicate them to retained health and safety customers via the newsletter and email.

Contact us about our Health and Safety Competent Person and Retained Services

Book your free face to face meeting with one of our Health and Safety Team now to find out how our retained service is going to help keep your business compliant with health and safety legislation, and help employees have a safer and healthy working environment.

Complete the contact form, call us on 01793 852951 or email

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How the Retained and Competent Person Health and Safety Service Works in More Detail
  • Basic Retained includes telephone and email support, plus 2-4 visits per year (with a documented meeting summary) and 20% discount off any further Safewell Services during this time
  • There is one thing we do for all retained customers – at the initial meeting we either complete an umbrella risk assessment or we do a risk based questionnaire, this is because we want to know the hazards and risks in your business and therefore what we need to be providing competent health and safety advice for
  • When you sign up to one of our retained health and safety packages you can use our name as your health and safety competent person (necessary for CHAS, SMAS and Safe Contractor and many other accreditations)
  • We always ideally like to meet you face to face after you make the initial enquiry – we all have to like each other and get on; and we like to see the environment of your work activities
  • You will be assigned a main health and safety adviser from our Safewell health and safety team and then benefit from the collective skills of the whole team throughout the retained term
  • When you phone in with a query you will speak to one of the Safewell Team, either one of the health and safety consultants or one of the office admin team and they will pass you to your health and safety adviser or one of the other team members if your adviser is out
  • Most of our retained customers have a number of health and safety services bundled into their retained package such as an umbrella risk assessment, task, process or equipment risk assessments, health and safety policy and manual, director health and safety awareness training, employee health and safety training, manual handling training, fire risk assessment and more. The contents of the retained health and safety package are totally down to your needs, which we understand by listening to you and hopefuly visiting before we send a proposal
  • We work out the cost of the retained health and safety package based on the time we think it will take to deliver the work; you pay for our time to deliver the service
  • The great thing about the package is the cost is spread over 12 or 24 months which is perfect for cash flow management

We believe it is the most wholesome and honest health and safety competent person package available; we are sure you will too.

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Glenn Lawton
December 23, 2021

White Stuff Ltd

Safewell has been working alongside us for several years now and I have had the pleasure of working with them for the past few years. They are always professional with their approach and always on hand if we require any ad-hoc advice to support our health and safety needs. I cannot recommend them enough and would definitely suggest to anyone looking for advice or services in regards to anything health and safety related to contact Safewell.

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