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On this page you will find the various terms and conditions for Safewell.

Safewell's Credit Control Process

Safewell’s Credit Control Process

The following summarises our process for the collection of debt from customers of Safewell Ltd. This process will be followed in most circumstances at the discretion of the Managing Director.

New Customers

Prior to engagement a Credit Check will be made.

Issuing Invoices

Customers Invoices will be issued on completion of the work or at the end of the month of the work. Except for Retained H&S Customers; these invoices are issued in advance of the month of support they cover. This is because these contracts are spread across 12 months and reflect a package of work where delivery is often front loaded.

Payment Terms

The terms are strictly 30 days net i.e. invoice issued on 1st January is due before 31st January.

Payment Reminder Process

7 days after invoice due date
An automatic reminder will be emailed from our Credit Control software. The email will remind you of the invoice number and the amount outstanding; it will all also include a link to view the invoice.

14 days after invoice due date
A 2nd automatic reminder will be emailed from our Credit Control software. Once again the email will include the invoice number the amount outstanding and a link to the invoice. The email will politely request payment to be made as soon as possible.

30 days after invoice due date
A final polite reminder will be emailed from our Credit Control software. The email will include the invoice number, amount outstanding, a link to the invoice and the number of days the invoice is now overdue. It will also remind you to raise any disputes should you feel our service has been below your expectations and to get in touch with us. We hope this won’t be the case but once you let us know we can work to towards a mutually agreeable outcome for both parties. This should be taken up at the earliest opportunity.

The 30 day reminder will also state that we have already reminded you the invoice is overdue and that we will continue to remind you with regular monthly statements (automated) as well as 2 further reminders at 60 days & 90 days.

Monthly Statements
Monthly statements will be sent out on the either the 1st or 2nd Friday of each month irrespective of whether an invoice is overdue. Therefore, an invoice raised at the end of January but not due until the end of February will still appear on the automated statement issued at the beginning of February.

The monthly statement will list all invoices outstanding, when they were due and the amount outstanding as well as links to all the invoices listed. The invoice link will take you to a page where you will be able to see the invoice details, download a pdf of the original, confirm your verification of the invoice and reply to the email sent.

The statement email will briefly remind you of our credit control process and layout what will happen at the 60 & 90 days overdue point.

45 days after invoice due date
You may receive a phone call, additional email or statement from the Accounts department requesting payment and advising that late payment charges will start accruing.

60 days after invoice due date
At 60 days overdue a further automatic reminder will be sent from our Credit Control software. An opportunity to dispute your invoice will be given once again along with notification that late payment fees are being added. Notification is also given that at 90 days overdue, a decision will be taken whether to pursue the recovery of the debt through a recovery agency or progress through the small claims court.

75 days after the invoice due date
You may receive a further call from the Accounts Department of Safewell requesting immediate payment.

90 days after invoice due date
A final automatic reminder will be emailed from our Credit Control software. At this point the invoice must be paid immediately to avoid further action. We will continue to send monthly statements and at the convenience of the Managing Director and Accounts department a decision will be taken regarding the next step. There will be no further warnings if we do take the decision to pursue recovery of the debt either through an agency or small claims court.

Late Payment charges

If you would like to find out more here is a link to the HMRC webpage.

At all times through this process you always have the opportunity to dispute the invoice, all you need to do is telephone Safewell and speak to the member of staff whom you have had regular communication with.

Sometimes business throws us challenges which mean that paying suppliers becomes difficult. We want to work with you and not against you, we are open to negotiation, please just call the Accounts department on 01793 852951.

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