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  1. How to Apply for a CSCS Green Card

How to Apply for a CSCS Green Card

To apply for your CSCS Green card (labour) to work on construction sites you will need to have completed and passed an accredited Level 1 CSCS Course (Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Course). With your pass certificate for the course, you can then apply to take the CITB HSE Test (Health, safety, and environment) at an approved test centre.

The Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Course can be taken face to face with an approved training provider or for convenience, which often suits most of us, it can be completed online followed by an online exam.

Safewell provides the Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Course and the Online exam separately, £75+VAT each, or as a package saving £25+VAT. This leaves you to just book the in-person touch screen CITB HSE Test at a local test centre convenient to you (£22.50)* which then allows you to apply for your CSCS Green Card (£36)*.

*CITB and CSCS cost correct as of December 2022

How do I get a CSCS Card Online

Step 1

Get a Level 1 Construction Qualification Certificate

First complete Our Online Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment course and the accompanying online exam. Without passing the exam you will not receive the Certificate you require to help apply for your CSCS Card.

The course can be taken on its own and the exam elsewhere, but for ease we recommend them as a package.

If you complete the course and pass the test you will receive your Certificate.

Step 2

Pass CITB Touch Screen HSE Test

Book your CITB touch screen test, called the HSE Health Safety and Environment Test, at a local CITB test centre though the CITB Website. The test cost is £22.50 (in 2023) and is paid for direct on the CITB website when the test is booked. Note: This is not a service Safewell offers

However, Safewell does offer an online course for those wanting to prepare for this touch screen CITB CSCS Green Card Test. The course finishes with 50 example questions to practice.

Step 3

Apply for CSCS Green Card

Now you have your Certificate for your Level 1 Construction health and safety qualification, and your Certificate for passing the CITB Touch Screen HSE Test (Health, Safety and Environment), you are now in a position to apply for your CSCS Green Card online.

You can apply for your CSCS Green Card on the CSCS Website. This page has a link to apply for the card directly and you will need copies of both certificates above. Your CITB HSE Certificate will have your test ID number, which you will need to apply for the CSCS Green Card. There is an application fee for the card which is £36 paid to CSCS when you apply.

Common Questions about getting the CSCS Green Card

What does CSCS Stand for?

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certificate Scheme. CSCS cards are awarded to workers who, through training and experience, demonstrate their ability to perform their jobs safely and effectively. Construction sites throughout the UK benefit from the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme because it set some standards and establish safe working practices. A Person holding CSCS Card can be assumes to have an accepted level of safe understanding when working on a construction site.

How Much is a CSCS Test

There are 2 parts to understand –

1. Taking the HS&E CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test (Cost £22.50 and this can be booked from the CITB website at a local test centre)

2. Applying for the CSCS Card is £36 and yo uwill need a scanned copy of your Level 1 or high construction quilification, and yor test ID number from your HS&E Test pass certificate + payment method for the £36.

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