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Accidents At Work

Occupational Health

Accidents at Work

Our health and safety team can help you investigate accidents and identify root causes (immediate and underlying causes), which will be followed up with a written investigation with recommendations. As part of the investigation it is often beneficial, and some times necessary to refer the injured person for an occupational health assessments.

The reasons for this might include:

  • assistance with counselling following the accident
  • planning a return to work program around their injury and recovery
  • demonstrating care towards the employees welfare and wellbeing

Where can a Post Accident Health Assessments be Carried Out

These can be at your workplace or our offices in Wootton Bassett, and in some circumstances the employees home. This would be in the form of an Occupational Health Assessment or Management Referral; see the relevant tabs or contact us.

Baby First Aid with Safewell

At Safewell our specially designed Baby First Aid workshop provides the essentials to help cope with an injury or emergency.

What is RIDDOR, and What is a RIDDOR Reportable Accident?

RIDDOR is the acronym for Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. RIDDOR reportable incidents include death, major/over-7-day incapacitation/3-day work incapacitation injury, disease or dangerous occurrence, all work-related.

What is the Safe distance From a Welding Arc Flash?

What is the Safe distance From a Welding Arc Flash?

Severe Weather Warning.

Please be aware that the Met office have issued a severe weather warning for snow and ice across the country. This is starting Wednesday evening 30th of January through to Friday 1st February.

What is Drug & Alcohol Testing?

Alcohol and substance abuse at work cost employers millions of pounds each year, through the loss of productivity, increased sickness absence and increased accidents.

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