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GP Fitness Certification

Occupational Health

Advice on GP Fitness Certification

GP Fitness Notes

Safewell’s Occupational Health professional can provide guidance and support on GP Fitness notes. In some circumstances we can help the employee return to work with restrictions, reduced hours and or reduced duties. In this instances the process will follow the same as the Occupational Health Assessment.

Facefit Training and Fitting for Dentists

Safewell is here to help you get back to work safely and with the confidence to be able to treat your dental patients knowing you’re protected.

What is Drug & Alcohol Testing?

Alcohol and substance abuse at work cost employers millions of pounds each year, through the loss of productivity, increased sickness absence and increased accidents.

Occupational Health Assessment for Knee Operation in Wantage Manufacturing Company

An employee for a manufacturing company required an occupational health assessment after having a failed knee replacement. This required new risk assessments to be done and adjustments to his role.

Ladder fall: £850k fine after window installer breaks knee cap

A window installer fell three metres from an unsecured ladder, breaking his knee cap. The firm was fined for poor Health and Safety practices…

Working through: Cancer

Looking at how best to support an employee working with cancer and whether risk assessments need adjusting for the individual and those working with them and what other steps may need to be taken.

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