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Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)

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Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)

Occupational Health

Hand / Arm Vibration (HAVS)

What is Hand Arm Vibration

If your employees use hand held power tools, drive high mileage or drive work vehicles over rough and uneven surfaces as a main part of their job, they could be at risk of vibration related ill-health. Hand-arm vibration (HAVS) comes from the use of hand-held power tools, but there is also whole-body vibration (WBVS) which is transmitted through the seat or feet of employees who drive mobile machines, or other work vehicles, As part of your risk management, vibration health surveillance is vital to detect and respond to early signs of vibration related damage.

Under The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations, the employer is obligated to provide vibration health surveillance where this a risk to health from exposure to vibrating hand held equipment or of whole body vibration from vehicle use.

We can help you to manage your requirements to provide hand arm vibration health surveillance or whole body vibration health surveillance under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations . These can be part of a health surveillance program or a standalone Vibration Medical. Hand Arm Vibration Medicals include questionnaire, grip and Sensitivity testing. Whole body vibration includes a questionnaire and specialist appointment.

Following the Vibration health surveillance the employee and the employer will be given a Fitness for Work Certificate stating the outcome as fit for work or fit for work with restrictions.

Where can Hand Arm Vibration Surveillance be Carried Out?

As with most of our services, these can be at your workplace or our offices in Wootton Bassett. If it’s only a handful of people or individuals then our office works well, otherwise it makes sense to arrange at your workplace.

In some cases onward referral to a specialist may be required; the Safewell Occupational Health team will manage this whole process for you and provide practical interpretation with the aim of rehabilitation of the employee back to work.

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