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What is Health and Safety Consultancy?

Dec 3, 2018 | FAQ - Health and Safety, Health & Safety, News, Retained H&S Adviser, Sensible H&S Advice

What is health and safety consultancy?

Health & Safety legislation requires employers to appoint one or more ‘competent persons’ to provide advice and assist overall in the implementation of measures they need to take to comply with the legal requirements. Many employers have a suitably qualified in-house H&S Manager or Advisor, particularly if the business is large or complex in its work activities. Some employers choose to use an external H&S consultancy such as Safewell – this may supplement existing in-house H&S arrangements or may be the sole source of H&S advice.

H&S consultancy is typically provided by way of a retained 12-month contract or one-off consultancy work. In a retained contract, specific support activities are discussed and agreed to be delivered over the term of the contract (e.g. H&S audit, review policy & procedures, risk assessment, training provision, site inspections etc) as well as provision of ongoing email and telephone support. A monthly payment schedule is set up which spreads the cost over the contract term. One-off consultancy normally focusses on a specific piece of required work (e.g. H&S audit, provision of manual handling training, conduct a site transport risk assessment, premises fire risk assessment etc). This type of work is invoiced prior to or at the time the work is done.

Safewell’s aim is to provide you with clear professional advice and practical support to deliver sustainable improvement, lower the risk of injury and ill health, secure legal compliance and reduce your liabilities. It is important to note that H&S consultancy does not constitute delegation of your legal health and safety duties to manage H&S – your duties under the relevant statutory provisions remain your responsibility, with Safewell engaged by you in an advisory capacity.

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