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What is a Health and Safety Consultant?

May 14, 2019 | FAQ - Health and Safety, Health & Safety, News, Retained H&S Adviser, Sensible H&S Advice

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What is a Health and Safety Consultant?

What is a H&S consultant

A H&S consultant is someone with the competence to provide advice and guidance on compliance with H&S legal requirement.
When we talk about competence we mean someone with the appropriate skills, knowledge, attitude, training and experience relevant to the situation they are advising on.
They should be able to give advice on adequately managing work place risks and hazards to keep employees and 3rd parties safe, all within the boundaries of complying with Health & Safety law.
Health and safety consultancy Advice needs to be specific to the workplace, the work activities and the people that are affected.
A health and safety consultant’s role can also involve coaching, support and mentoring for a customers employees who have H&S responsibilities to fulfil in their roles.

What should I expect from a consultant

A health and safety consultant should be approachable, understand the risks and hazards they are advising on and very importantly know their limitations. They should be able to give sensible and practical solutions tailored to each specific workplace, its activities and its hazards.

The end result is safe (hopefully happy and valued) employees and legal compliance – all of which is very good for the business owners and leadership team.

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