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What is Drug & Alcohol Testing?

Safewells Drug and Alcohol Services

Alcohol and substance abuse at work, costs employers millions of pounds each year, through the loss of productivity, increased sickness absence and increased accidents. Drug and Alcohol testing is provided to help the company manage any concerns it may have over an employee or its workforce and to offer support and guidance to both employer and employee in the correct handling of the issue.

Safewells drug and alcohol services are run by experienced and trained Occupational Health Advisers (OHA’s). They can help you to comply with legislation and help identify if drug and alcohol abuse is affecting your companies productivity.

Drug, alcohol and other substance misuse is everyone’s concern. It damages health, causes absenteeism and reduced productivity. Click on the link for more information from the HSE.

Testing Types

Safewell offer the following types of drug and alcohol testing:

Drug Testing can be Chain of Custody or dip stick (urinalysis). Chain of Custody testing will stand up in a court of law, so is the preferred testing method for cases likely to go to a tribunal or ‘For Cause Testing’ due to a specific work related incident.

Alcohol Testing is done by breath analysis.

Referral and Counselling

Following the results, and where required, Safewell can arrange counselling and further referral to external agencies.

Click on the link for more information on our services.

Training Awareness

Safewell offers drug and alcohol awareness training for:

  • Employees – dangers of substance abuse at work and their responsibilities
  • Managers – substance abuse signs to look for at work
Policy and Procedure

Safewell can help you write your drug and alcohol policies and procedures. Click here to get started.

Where to Start

If you think you need some testing or suspect there is a problem, click on the link or call us 01793 852951 to discuss your concerns confidentially and we’ll advise you on the best route forward. 

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