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 News Update 

A window installer fell three metres from an unsecured ladder, breaking his knee cap, an investigation has found.

The accident happened when the worker was attempting to install a first-floor rear bedroom window of a property on Cemetery Road, Doncaster.

Employed by H.P.A.S Limited (trading as Safestyle UK) at the time of the accident on 1 March, 2017, the operative was climbing a ladder that was not footed or tied and it slipped. He fell and sustained injuries which required surgery.

The HSE’s investigation found:

• the company’s system for planning work at height was inadequate in that it failed to ensure that work was carried out in a safe manner

• windows were not routinely installed from the inside

• ladders were used in a way that constituted serious risk

• there was no system of monitoring or supervision in place

• operatives were left to their own devices.

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