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Chest X-Rays for Refuse Company (Silica Exposure) based in Wiltshire

Dec 13, 2017 | Face Fit Testing, Audiometry, Health Surveillance, Occupational Health, Occupational Health Assessment, Skin Checks

Problem to Solve

The refuse company contacted Safewell as they required Chest X-Rays for their staff as Silica is in use throughout their company. Safewell already carry out Occupational Health surveillance medicals for this company. Chest X-Rays are a consideration and in some cases, necessary medical checks for employees exposed to respirable crystalline silica (RCS).
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Safewell Solution

An existing customer of Safewell they wanted to consider chest X-Rays for all their employees who were potentially exposed Silica dust (respirable crystalline silica) during their working day. After a meeting to discuss the companies’ requirement, Safewell did some research and found a mobile X-Ray company and an Occupational Health Physician who would be able to carry out and interpret the results. Safewell compiled a proposal outlining all requirements and costs for the company. The company have agreed to Safewell organising this on their behalf and this will be rolling out over the whole of their company in 2017 enabling the company to maintain compliance and further look after the health of their employees exposed to silica dust.

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