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What we’ve learned – Face fit training and testing of key workers.

Jul 22, 2020 | Coronavirus, FAQ - Health and Safety, FAQ - Occupational Health, Health & Safety, Health Promotions, News

Problem to Solve

To provide Face fit training and testing to a variety of key workers within the medical field. Most of the key workers have had no prior experience using, or training with R.P.E. This has become a need due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Safewell was aware that the likely hood of the key workers needing our services again, unlike our regular clientele, was next to none. This being due to the fact that once threat levels reduce down, and Covid-19 starts to relinquish its grip on the nation, they will mainly revert back to their previous practices. We needed to know that they had full understood the training given and were following it to the best of their ability.

Fit 2 Fit accredited face fit testing

Safewell Solution

Safewell provided its Face fit testing and training service to effectively first train the employee in the correct usage, storage and the disposing of their face masks (R.P.E.) We then followed up a couple of weeks later with an online questionnaire, and also offered a site visit follow up to establish how well the employee was managing with their mask and any problems/concerns that may of arisen. The response was very positive and informative at the same time.

Key points to take away are:

  • Use a mirror or buddy up where possible to help you don your mask properly.
  • Check for twisted straps, and that both straps are in the correct position. ( Bottom strap – nape of neck. Top strap – crown of head. )
  • Check mask is fully encompassing nose and mouth.
  • Mould do not bend or pinch nose strip – Always adjust metal strip with each application of mask.
  • Fit check mask where possible, cup hands around face, checking for obvious leaks. (Paper disposable masks) For reusable half mask, fit check by covering outlet valve or compressing filters depending on manufacturers instructions, breath in and hold breath for 10 seconds. The mask should hold on to your face for the 10 second time period, if it does not, readjust straps and retest.
  • Check that your P.P.E. or spectacles do not interfere with the seal of the mask. Some steaming up of the P.P.E./Spectacles maybe apparent.
  • Must be clean shaven.
  • Minimal face make up where possible. (Foundation, possible slipping of mask on face.)
  • Disposable masks non reusable daily. (NRD 8 hour shift only.)
  • Disposing of mask correctly and responsibly – Hazardous waste.

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