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These bite-sized courses introduce the principles of health and safety to all employees. Each talk lasts about 2 hours and can be taken singularly or linked together with other toolbox talks.

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Employee Health and Safety Induction

This is a must for all new and existing employees and underpins all other health and safety training. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of your health and safety systems.

Manual Handling Training

We all lift and carry on a daily basis, but is it done safely? Participants will leave with the techniques to handle items safely in the workplace, knowing the risks if they do not.

Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures

Participants will leave this session having gained an overview of the possible causes of fire, preventative fire safety measures, fire extinguisher types and evacuation principles.

Work or Office Safety Essentials

Participants will leave with a practical understanding of the key H&S issues relevant to their office or general workplace.

Employee Responsibilites

Employees have responsibilities, as well as employers, and this short module will help them understand what these are and how they, as employees, contribute to a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

Small Business Owner Responsibilities

As a small business owner, the breadth of H&S to understand can seem daunting. This short course can help to demystify responsibilities and provide a clear understanding of what H&S means to a small business; what the core responsibilities are for the owners and their employees; topped off with tips on organising a safe and healthy workplace.

Accidents, Incidents & Hazards

Reporting accidents, incidents and hazards is a vital learning tool for any business as well as being a legal requirement in certain scenarios. In this short course, we’ll cover the legal requirements and definitions of different accident and incident categories, but most importantly we’ll leave the participants with a clear understanding of why it is so important to have a cult that reports hazards, near misses and accidents without blame. We will also provide tips on how to achieve this.

Knife & Cutter Safety

Fixed blade, retractable and spring-loaded cutters are used by many workplaces on a regular basis. Simple to use safely, but at the same time easy to misuse without the right knowledge. This course will cover the hazards of cutters in the workplace, good and bad practices of cutter-use in the workplace, storage and maintenance considerations and some ideas for reducing risks and choosing more suitable work practices.

Basic Hazardous Substances

Chemicals, gunks, glues, pastes, acids – chemicals in the workplace come in lots of shapes, colours and hazards but the hazards are often misunderstood. This is because the hazards are to a person’s health and these hazards can’t always be seen, tasted, smelt or seen and if the hazard doesn’t register with a person’s sense they may perceive that it isn’t a risk. This course tackles the fundamentals of understanding health hazards and helps participants to give the necessary respect to the hazards and risks associated with chemical handling.

Display Screen Equipment

Participants will leave the session with an understanding of the hazards, risks, controls and company policy on Display Screen use.

Noise Awareness

Participants will leave understanding the implications of noisy workplaces and how to use preventative measures including hearing protection.

Risk Assessment Awareness

Participants will leave with an understanding of what risk assessment is and the role they play in helping the organisation to manage risks to health and safety.

‘Work at Height’ and Ladder Safety

Participants will leave with an understanding of what ‘work at height’ is, the associated hazards and risks, and how to control them.

If you do not see the topic you are interested in ask about our bespoke training services. We embrace the opportunity to tailor a module to your requirements.

Call now on 01793 852951 to arrange an in-house training course or contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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