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Health & Safety Training : Directors and Managers Seminars

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These seminars are for the management team. Participants will learn their responsibilities and why ‘effective H&S risk management’ is a key component of business success.

Directors H&S Responsibilities Seminar Half-Day

This is aimed at those providing strategic leadership. Participants will explore legislative duties and how H&S influences profitability and morale

Managers H&S Responsibilities Seminar One-Day

This is aimed at line managers. Participants will gain an understanding of their duties under H&S law and how frontline leadership can positively influence employees

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Ray Hurst
October 16, 2018

President of IOSH 2008, Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

I am pleased that you are helping dispel some of the dafter myths that surround OH&S (a passion you and I clearly have in common) and the item clearly indicates that as with so many of our professional colleagues you are not about stopping fun on the pretext of H&S. It is only with the help of people such as yourself that we will eventually get the message across that OH&S is about bringing (as you so aptly put it) purpose and value to peoples lives

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