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Onsite Face fit Testing by Safewell in North Wiltshire

Dec 13, 2017 | Face Fit Testing, Uncategorized

Problem to Solve

Facial hair interfering with the seal of the mask to be face fitted resulting in a potential Health and Safety issue. Employees turning up to the face fit test without shaving resulting in delays for the company and incurred costs, also potential Occupational health concerns further down the line for their employees

Safewell Solution

Safewell were asked to carry out face fit testing for a company in Wiltshire whose employees are exposed to Respirable Crystalline Silica. Safewell re-educated the company on the importance of being clean shaven and not having facial hair for occupational health face fit testing and feed information back to the employees. We offered Health and Safety advice on alternative masks if the Half mask was not suitable for the employees who have beards for religious or medical reasons. Suggestions of a shaving station to be set of at the work place. Less time lost failing face fit testing and more cost effective for the company. HR were involved to ensure company procedures aligned with these health and safety requirements regarding facial hair and an employees health and safety where RPE is require for the protection of their health.

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