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Occupational health Surveillance for Recycling Company

Dec 13, 2017 | Audiometry, Blood Testing, Health Surveillance, Lung Function Testing, Nickel Testing, Skin Checks

Problem to Solve

A company who provides environmental solutions for the recycling of hazardous waste required medical occupational health assessments and health surveillance for employees who spend extended periods of time working internationally. Due to differing Health and Safety regulations overseas they may have been exposed to different levels of toxicity which may create exposure above current UK COSHH exposure limits.

Safewell Solution

Safewell visited the company and provided medical occupational health assessments including blood health surveillance to all staff who were exposed. Because of the delay in testing for exposure levels due to the staff working internationally, it was decided to provide the company with additional urine testing kits to help identify other metals i.e. Nickel to issue to their employees at the earliest opportunity on their return to the country. Metal toxicity in the body diminishes over time so this optimized the testing process and would provide more conclusive results, this in turn would help to reduce potential health risks.

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