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If you are about to carry out some non-routine maintenance it may result in some work activities that need to be risk assessed further as these activities may not have been considered previously during your Umbrella Risk Assessment.

Additional risk assessments will often be required prior to carrying out this type of activity and this may also result in additional training or safe working procedures.

Typical non-routine maintenance activities can result in many additional safety considerations as a result for example :-

  • Changing bulbs in a warehouse, racking refit or change of layout – e.g. work at height considerations, safe systems of work, training
  • Repair/servicing to a piece of equipment –e.g.  isolating equipment, permits to work, specific training requirements
  • Refurbishment or repair to structure of building – e.g. safe systems of work, contractor management, hot work permits, work at height etc.

Don’t forget to inform your Safewell Advisor if you carry out any non-routine maintenance so that the safe working procedures can be discussed and additional risk assessments carried out as required prior to any work being undertaken.

Just call or email your Safewell Retained Health and Safety Adviser, or use the contact form on the right or below.


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