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National Eye Health Week

Sep 22, 2022 | Eye Tests, Health Surveillance, News

Can you see clearly now!

National Eye Health Week

This year’s National Eye Health Week (NEHW) will take place from 19 to 25 September 2022, promoting the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all.

Vision really matters. Sight is the sense people fear losing the most, yet many of us don’t know how to look after our eyes – National Eye Health Week aims to change all that!

For all your Occupational medical needs which include Driver and Forklift truck medicals, see below:

  • A baseline questionnaire to establish current and previous medical history and/or ongoing treatment
  • Blood Pressure checks – Cardiovascular
  • Height, weight, and BMI
  • Audiometry – hearing tests
  • Lung Function tests
  • Skin Assessments
  • HAVs assessments (if required)
  • Visual Acuity, colour vision, and peripheral vision
  • Muscular-skeletal assessment


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Gareth Crockatt
January 20, 2022

Box and Seal Ltd

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Safewell team. A very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable bunch!

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