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Lone Worker Online Course: an Introduction to Personal Safety

Course Price : £35+vat

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This lone worker online course is an introduction to personal safety for lone workers and applies to those that work alone within business premises, mobile workers and homeworkers.

Lone Worker Online Course Description

IIRSM Approved

Every day, thousands of people in the active population are exposed to situations where they are left alone on work premises, but also when they visit members of the public during the course of their working day, or when they are working from home.

Of course, there are many risks associated with working in isolation, where there is no support available from colleagues. These risks can include accidents and possible violence, among others.

What is lone working training?

This is an online course that acts as an introduction to personal safety for lone workers and applies to those people who work alone within business premises. It is also relevant for mobile workers and homeworkers.

Lone working training covers the legal responsibilities falling on both employers and employees, as well as some of the common security precautions that can be implemented, the practical steps you can take to avoid conflict in lone worker situations, and other elements that can contribute to lone worker safety.

Target Audience

This online course is aimed at anyone who works alone at any point or manages people that work alone.

Advantages of the Course

IIRSM approval means that this course meets the rigorous standards of this leading industry body.

Online training not only means flexibility, but it is also an efficient and cost-effective way to learn, enabling candidates to progress through the modules at their own pace, in their own time, making it easy to fit the training around their work and personal life.

Further Progression after the Course

There are other courses available that can complement this one, such as:

Display Screen Equipment Online for anyone who works from home.

Conflict Resolution for anyone who may find themselves in a conflict situation or having to work and deal with difficult people during the course of their job.

Sales Skills for those people working in a sales role.

Module Name Pass % Required
1. Lone Worker Personal Safety: The Basics 70
2. The Law: Responsibilities 70
3. Assessing the Risks 70
4. Personal Safety Solutions 70
5. Practical Tips to Avoid Conflict 70
6. Reporting and Recording Incidents 70


Recommended System Requirements

Browser: an up-to-date web browser is necessary
Video: Up-to-date video drivers are required
Memory: 1Gb+ RAM
Download Speed: Broadband (3Mb+)

How long does lone working training last?

The duration of the Lone Worker Online Course is 45 minutes (Please note that this duration is based on the amount of video content shown during the course and that it is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or for delegates’ thinking time on the questions).

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