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Health and Safety Consultancy: Risk Assessment

Health and Safety Risk AssessmentRisk assessment is the foundation of health and safety legislation and should be at the nucleus of all health and safety systems. An unmanaged risk can have significant legal, economic, environmental and human cost to your business. Safewell will help you to identify and manage your risks. Managed risks equal managed costs and legal compliance - this makes good business sense.

General Risk Assessment

We can risk assess your tasks, equipment or processes. Identifying risk is core business for us; use our experience

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Assessment

Keeping employees safe from the health-effects caused by hazardous substances is the aim of this risk assessment carried out by Safewell

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment

Do you have work stations and computers? Safewell can assess the risk and offer safe and efficient solutions to users and employers

Manual Handling Assessment

Safewell can assess your handling activities and advise you how to maintain a healthy workforce

Fire Risk Assessment

All premises require a fire risk assessment; Safewell will assess your fire risks and advise you on evacuation and damage limitation

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assessment

Safewell will assess your PPE needs and help you ensure your employees are protected from the risks they are exposed to

Lone and Peripatetic Working Assessment

If your employees work alone, at home or away from the main office their activities require risk assessing. Safewell can help you

Workplace Transport Assessment

If you have vehicles and people in the same area there are risks that need controlling. We will assess and guide you to a safer workplace.

Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Risk Assessment

Are you compliant with the DSEAR regulations? Safewell can help by managing the assessment and implementation of these complex regulations

Legionella Risk Assessment

Are you complying with the HSEs ACoP L8 “Legionnaires’ Disease, The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems”? Safewell can help with you legionella risk assessment.

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