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Problem to Solve

The paint company in Calne had been informed by the HSE that they were non-compliant with correct PPE for their workers, who were being potentially over exposed to harmful chemicals. There was a gap with face fit testing of RPE (respiratory protective equipment)…face masks to normal people.

Safewell Solution

Safewell discussed with the Calne based company what their requirements were and recommended several different face masks that they could consider for use, including a disposable and a reusable mask (3 sizes) along with the appropriate filter and assigned protection factor. The company decided with advice from Safewell, that they would like to invest in a reusable face mask as it would enable them to be flexible with which filters to use for different tasks for each worker. Safewell attended and face fitted the correct sized mask to each employee, and instructed them on the care of the mask and how to fit them correctly each time they were to be worn. The customer was given paperwork as evidence to show the HSE that they had achieved compliance with protecting their staff. The company has now retained Safewell to undertake yearly face fit assessments on all eligible workers. This has enabled them to meet their requirements to face fit test under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

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