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Directing and Managing Safety

Oct 3, 2014 | Director Awareness, H&S Management, Legislation, Small Business Health and Safety

Health and safety legislations puts duties both on the ‘Employer’ and the ‘Employee’. The ‘Employer’ is the MD, the board and the Management Team. Depending on the size of the company will depend where these duties really sit. For all businesses the ultimate responsibility is with the Managing Director to ensure ‘so far as Is Reasonably Practicable the Health Safety and Welfare of it Employee whilst they are at work’. The managing director is then supported by the board in ensuring these duties are fulfilled. For a small business the role of ‘Employer’ often sits with one or two directors only. As a company grows, or in the case of larger businesses, the responsibility for fulfilling those duties can be delegated down to the management team and supervisors. Whenever health and safety responsibilities are delegated they still need to be monitored because ultimately the duty is with the Employer. This means ensuring anyone with responsibility for people’s health and safety should be trained in what those health and safety responsibilities are.

For our retained Customers this can be part of the package to ensure Owners are fully aware of their responsibilities. For anyone one else we provide Directors and Management H&S Safety Seminars

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