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Covid-19 Changes to the fire brigades working arrangements

Apr 14, 2020 | Coronavirus, FAQ - Health and Safety, Health & Safety, News, Occupational Health, Risk Assessment, Sensible H&S Advice

Covid-19 Think Fire Safety

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, the fire authority may change the services that they deliver, to keep from spreading the virus and keeping their own personnel safe. This may mean a scaling back in the scope of commercial visits and limited capability to respond to emergencies. As such if you are still carrying out business activities and reacting to the changing business environment it is important that fire safety measures are kept in check.

This should include;

  • Training of any new or temporary staff, updating existing staff on new procedures, in particular if things like shift patterns have changed
  • Ensure your means of detecting and fighting fires are being maintained with all systems being tested regularly (bearing in mind those that may carry out normal day-to-day testing or inspection may be allocated to other tasks or have been furloughed)
  • Maintaining good levels of housekeeping, including arrangements for waste disposal and control of ignition sources
  • Managing additional space if more materials are being kept on site
  • Ensuring emergency plans (including rescue plans for any essential high risk activities) are in place and people are aware of them


The above list is just a guide to help you on the right track during these unprecedented times, for further advice you should consult with your competent H&S advisor.

Coronavirus: Risk Assessments

Make sure you have a detailed, robust coronavirus risk assessment in place to ensure the safety and protection of your workers and to safeguard your business.

Coronavirus: Lone Working

If you are still working during this period you must still follow government guidelines around social distancing.
For some transport, construction, manufacturing and trades activities this may lead to an increase in lone working as you are adapting to the current requirements.
Ensure you carry out a risk assessment and take reasonable measures to protect lone workers!

Return to Work Coronavirus Risk Assessment Download

We are all getting ready to return to work, find out the safety considerations to make and get your free return to work coronavirus risk assessment download

Competent Advice Remains Absolutely vital for SSIP Certification with SMAS Worksafe

Competent health and safety Advice remains absolutely vital in the application process for SSIP certification with SMAS Worksafe during the Covid-19 crisis.

Covid-19 Changes to the fire brigades working arrangements

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, the fire authority may change or scale back services, to avoid spreading the virus and to keep their own personnel safe. If you are still carrying out activities it is important that fire safety measures are kept in check to safeguard your business.

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