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Coronavirus Health and Safety Management

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Managing your company’s health, safety and welfare responsibilities toward your employees and customers leading up to, during and after each stage of the Coronavirus pandemic, is something we all need to become experts at. We hope that our Coronavirus Health and Safety Management Battle page will help you through this.

Of course, for any assistance to navigate through this, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the health and safety or occupational health team. 

The Government and Public Health England have stated:

With the exception of some non-essential shops and public venues, the government never required any other businesses to close – indeed it was and is important for business to carry on. Now, May 2020 more clarity has been given on what returing to work can look like…subject to a COVID-19 risk assessement.

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Everyone’s Responsibility and Useful Coronavirus Links

We will all be aware by now of the Government’s and Public Health England’s guidance which includes – wash hands frequently for 20s, especially after coughing or sneezing; cover your mouth when coughing, catch sneezes in tissues; practice social distancing, self-isolate if you have symptoms or the virus, shield if you are vulnerable and where possible still work from home. As of 13th May 2020 the next phase of unlocking the country sees some businesses begin to re open under the requirement of a well thought through Coronavirus Risk Assessment.

In a work context it is the responsibility of the employer to complete their Coronavirus Risk Assessment demonstrating to their employees, customers and stakeholders they are complying with the industry specific guidance and are ‘Covid Safe’. Enforcement action will be considered by the HSE for employers falling short of their health and safety duties in relation to Coronavirus and their Covid-19 risk assessment findings. This remains consistent with HSE issued a Press Release in April 2020 at the beginning of lockdown when employers fail to follow Government and Public Health England’s advice.

Keeping Your Spirits up During Lockdown

As of November 2020, England entered into its 2nd lockdown. The major difference this time is that we don’t have the weather or the lighter evenings on our side.

Providing a Safe OH Medical During COVID-19

Safety-critical medicals and occupational health surveillance during COVID-19: our occupational health team has had to adjust how they perform and manage their health surveillance and safety-critical medicals.

Company Testing Program Coronavirus

Setting up a company coronavirus testing program can be beneficial for some, but first, understand what you must do to satisfy the regulations.

What we’ve learned – Face fit training and testing of key workers.

Safewell was asked to provide face fit training and testing to a variety of key workers within the medical field. Most of them had no prior experience using, or training with, R.P.E. However, this has become a need due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What is a Face Covering?

Since July 2020, the government has introduced the compulsory measure of having to wear face coverings in our shopping outlets. Here is a detailed explanation of what a face covering is and what it isn’t.

Guidance for Managing Health and Safety through Coronavirus

This is a growing page of things we think are relevant to Coronavirus health and safety management; it may not be everything but it will go a long way to helping you understand how to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus and Work

Since the coronavirus pandemic started we have been answering questions that require interpretation of current guidance or to fill in gaps in guidance that help when applying coronavirus safety measures into the work place. See the most common questions we been asked and advised on…

Flexible Working

We’ve all been advised to work from home where possible. For some this has always been the case, for other companies and employees this is very new. We outline some of the main health and safety considerations for flexible home working. More on flexible working from home…

Premises and Fire Safety - Occupied and Unoccupied

With people working from home some premises will be unoccupied or run by a skeleton team of people. There are a number of considerations both for the premises and fire safety arrangements. More on Fire Safety in Occupied and Unoccupied Premises…

Coronavirus Risk Assessment & Return to Work

It is important that a sensible and proportionate approach is taken to managing worker and public safety. A key component of this will be your Coronavirus Risk Assessment and now your Return to Work Coronavirus Risk Assessment, both underpinning the logic of the safety decisions you need to make. How to do a Coronavirus Risk Assessment…

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Health and Safety Management - During a Pandemic

Business is very much ‘not as usual’ for everyone at the moment; where businesse are able to still trade, an understanding of how to do this safely and healthily is vitally important. Find out more about managing health and safety during the Coronavirus Pandemic…

Face Fit Testing - Respiratory Protective Masks

Safewell offer face fit testing and RPE face fit training. Fit testing is essential for frontline workers wearing protective face masks with a close fitting seal. All our face fit testers are trained to use the quantitative fit testing approach with a Portacount for accurate results. Visit our Face Fit Testing and Face Fit Training pages.

Occupational Health Surveillance

The HSE have published guidance for employers on how to maintain and fulfil their responsibilites for the health of their workers still working, with a remote and paper based approach to occupational health surveillance. Guidance on occupational health surveillance during the coronavirus pandemic…

Hygiene Practices and Mental Wellbeing

Lots has been published about good hand hygiene (wash hands with soap for 20s) and workplace cleanliness, and now emphasis is turning to the mental wellbeing of employees working from home who are over the honeymoon period may be feeling the ‘corona blues’. Guidance on hygiene practices and mental wellbeing…

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URA, Safety policy and employees instruction manual for a wine and alcohol bottling and wholesale company

The company were not impressed with the lack of information, commitment and effort they were receiving from their previous H&S provider. They wanted someone to work with them closely and understand the needs of the company.

Mental Health Wellbeing

A multinational company referred an employee with work related stress to Safewell for a mental health management referral with the aim to get the employee back to work.

Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Online Course + Exam (can apply for CSCS Green Card once passed)

This bundle is aimed at people starting out in the construction industry and includes the Level 1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Online Course and the Accredited Exam.

Developing A Workplace Mental Health Policy Online Course

Course Description When people have good mental health, they are more likely to fulfil their potential. That means they enjoy work and cope easily with work situations. They have a happy family life and good social relationships. Organisations are required by law to...

COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Online Course

This course explores the risk caused to workers by the COVID-19 virus and covers actions that can be taken by employers and employees to protect themselves and each other as they return to work.

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