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Safety and protection – Covid 19 Risk Assessment

During the current unknown times of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a need to understand how to work safely and protect employees and 3rd parties from contracting or spreading coronavirus.

There is still a duty for employers to manage risks, and normal health and safety legislation still applies. Your coronavirus risk assessment is really about control of infection and it is a little different to a typical risk assessment you are probably used to as considerations will be somewhat different to the norm.

Whilst creating your coronavirus risk assessment, consideration should be given to using this opportunity to review all company risk assessments and associated safe systems of work in order to ensure that they are current and absolutely fit for the tasks for that they have been created for.

Simplistically for your coronavirus risk assessment you need to understand –

  • where your employees could be exposed to persons with coronavirus symptoms which result in a potential airborne risk (inhalable)
  • where your employees could be exposed to surfaces that might be contaminated with coronavirus (hand contact)
  • activities your employees do that might result in them touching their eyes, nose or mouth during the course of their work
  • how the actions of your employees or your business might result in airborne or surface contamination, that could spread coronavirus to 3rd parties not in your employment (typically your customers or public in the near vicinity of your work)


   Frequently asked questions?

  • When – do I need a Coronavirus Risk Assessment?
  • How often – will I need to review my Coronavirus Risk Assessment?
  • Who – do I need to consider in my Coronavirus Risk Assessment?
  • What – do I need to consider in my Coronavirus Risk Assessment?
  • Masks – do I need to provide them?


Managing your company’s health, safety and welfare responsibilities toward your employees and customers leading up to, during and after each stage of the Coronavirus pandemic, is something we all need to become experts at. We hope that our free Coronavirus Covid 19 Risk Assessment Download Templates will help play a part in assisting you but should you need further assistance then please do not hesitate to get in contact with the health and safety or occupational health team. 

Coronavirus: Risk Assessments

Make sure you have a detailed, robust coronavirus risk assessment in place to ensure the safety and protection of your workers and to safeguard your business.

Coronavirus: Lone Working

If you are still working during this period you must still follow government guidelines around social distancing.
For some transport, construction, manufacturing and trades activities this may lead to an increase in lone working as you are adapting to the current requirements.
Ensure you carry out a risk assessment and take reasonable measures to protect lone workers!

Facefit Training and Fitting for Dentists

Safewell is here to help you get back to work safely and with the confidence to be able to treat your dental patients knowing you’re protected.

Return to Work Coronavirus Risk Assessment Download

We are all getting ready to return to work, find out the safety considerations to make and get your free return to work coronavirus risk assessment download

HSE Guidance on Fit Testing during Covid-19

There is a lot of talk and speculation about masks currently surrounding Covid-19. There is a clear difference between a surgical mask, a face covering and a face mask such as an FFP3 or FFP2. FFP3 masks require a specific face fit test if used for the purposes of work. The HSE have updated their guidance on safely conducting face fit testing during Covid-19.

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