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Protection for lone workers

Coronavirus and Lone working?

If you are still working during this period you must still follow government guidelines around social distancing.

For some transport, construction, manufacturing and trades activities this may lead to an increase in lone working as you are adapting to the current requirements.

Lone working is not prohibited but it must be assessed to ensure that employees are not put at risk.

Lone working does not just mean a single person working on a premises, it may also include large premises with singular employees working on different floors, departments areas away from others.

Employers are required to carry out a risk assessment of work activities and take reasonable measure to protect lone workers.

Risk assessment should include measures for employee training, supervision and monitoring                (keeping in touch).

Employee training should include the risks involved with the task and the necessary procedures for  managing those risks.

This training should include the procedure for dealing with emergencies and understanding the arrangements for keeping in touch.

In addition to training employers should provide systems for employees to keep in touch this may include things like; pre-arranged checks at designated times using a phone or radio, arrangements for knowing where workers are and what their anticipated movements might be (such as checking diaries), manual or automatic device for raising an alarm in an emergency, systems for reporting when they have reached and returned from the destination safely.

Employees or their representatives should be consulted on changes in working conditions that may impact their health and safety at work, involving them in your lone working risk assessment may lead to joint problem solving and enhanced cooperation with company procedures.

For further advice on lone working you should speak with your competent H&S adviser or alternatively give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

We Are Now Fit 2 Fit Accredited

This now makes Safewell a Fit2Fit accredited provider and holds us to the highest standard in Face fit testing.

On Site Occupational Health Visits for Safety Critical Medicals

On Site Occupational Health Visits for Safety Critical medicals delivered safely during the pandemic.

What we’ve learned – Face fit training and testing of key workers.

 Recent Project  Problem to Solve To provide Face fit training and testing to a variety of key workers within the medical field. Most of the key workers have had no prior experience using, or training with R.P.E. This has become a need due to the Coronavirus pandemic....

What is a Face Covering?

What is a Face Covering?

Face fit training and fitting for key workers

Face fit training and fitting for key workers

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