Call Us: 01793 852951

Call Us: 01793 852951

Changes in Workplace Transport

Staying in control of workplace transport is an important safety consideration and measures must be taken to reduce vehicle and pedestrian risks.

Changes in arrangements for vehicles around the workplace can happen regularly however and are not always immediately noticeable.

Consider if there have been any changes to :-

  • Delivery locations – Goods in and Goods out e.g. and location of staff welfare facilities
  • Number, size or type of vehicles on site
  • Arrival time of vehicles on site and other activities occurring e.g. staff lunch time
  • Clients, Visitors , third parties on site
  • Car parking on site
  • Suppliers – are delivery drivers familiar with site and risks
  • Speed of working – increased risks due to delivery schedules.
  • Layout of warehousing – pedestrian routes may need to reconsidered.

Do not hesitate to contact Safewell to discuss any changes that may have resulted in additional or different transport related risks being introduced into your workplace that may require changes to your risk assessment or additional control measures.

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