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Caught in the Slip Stream

Apr 21, 2020 | Coronavirus, News

Stay Safe and Aware of others Whilst Exercising


Stay 20 metres apart when exercising, scientist warns, over fears runners can spread coronavirus from further away.

Belgian professor says keep on exercising, but stay outside slipstream of others where harmful micro-droplets can spread disease.

A new study says those exercising outside during the Covid-19 pandemic should increase the distance between themselves and others, the report saying the measures in place in the UK are potentially unsafe.

Government guidance says those exercising outdoors must keep a distance of at least two metres between themselves and others, however the white paper published by Prof Bert Blocken from Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland and KU Leuven in Belgium, says these measures are “ineffective” for those walking, running or cycling.

What is Covid-19 and How to kill it?

The following information is vital in the fight against the Corona virus. Provided by Irene Ken, Physician, whose daughter is an Asst. Prof in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University.

Corona Virus Protection for Health Care Professionals

When caring for patients with the suspected or confirmed infectious respiratory virus COVID-19, all healthcare workers need to, prior to any patient interaction assess the infectious risk posed to themselves and family

Safewell provided Lung Function Testing for an Electronics Company in Calne.

Safewell provided Lung Function Testing for an Electronics Company in Calne.


What is the Corona Virus
Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, the viruses cause respiratory infections which are typically mild including the common cold but rarer forms like SARS and MERS can be lethal.

Audiometry and Hand Arm Vibration Medicals for an Energy Solutions Company in Swindon

Audio and Hand arm vibration medicals for an energy solutions company in Swindon.

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